Advocacy Matters

What are the Issues that SAFCA is concerned with? How do we fight for the clients of our members? Read below to see the things we are involved in.


Senate Inquiry

Financial Counselling Sector Submission To Senate Inquiry Re Capacity 2 Final

SAPN Draft

SAPN CCP Final Submission To SAPN On Draft Plan 111018


Consumer Safeguards Review
Part A – Redress and Complaints Handling (telcos)

These two submissions are from FCA and participating Associations (inc SAFCA), and a separate letter from SAFCA. We are concerned about the role of the TIO into the future, with a proposal for telcos to be responsible for complaint management. SAFCA’s letter emphasises the poor practice of telcos selling inappropriate devices and plans to aboriginal people living in remote areas

FCA Submission Consumer Safeguards Review August 2018 Final

Consumer Safeguards Review Aug 2018 (3)


Jacana Energy – Report on our members Experiences with hardship arrangements

180720 Jacana Report FINAL


SAFCA Report for “National Energy Retail Amendment” around energy hardship policies

National Energy Retail Amendment June 2018 SAFCA Ref Code RRC0017



SAFCA Response to Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Bill 2017

AG John Rau Fines Enforcement And Debt Recovery Bill August 30 2017


 DSS Discussion Paper – Future Directions of Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity, submission supporting FCA position

SAFCA Response To DSS Discussion Paper FWC Activity March 2017


Notes from November 2017 FOS Consumer Group meeting

FOS Consumer Group Meeting November 2016


Electricity Prices

AER Submission January 2015

SAFCA Consortium Submission To AER Jan 2015

Oral Presentation ACT June 1 2016


Water Issues

SA Water Regulatory Business Proposal Submission

Minor And Intermediate Water And Sewerage Retailers Research And Advocacy Project Report


Legal Issues

Legislative Services Re Garnishee Orders Amendment Bill


Consumer Leases Issue

SAFCA is working with SA Legal Services Commission and the Consumer Credit Law Centre to produce a brochure / fact sheet for use by community workers around the State. This tool will assist workers in advising their clients of other, better options than consumer leases.


Financial Counselling Australia Advocacy Projects

SAFCA assists with input into the research and campaigns which FCA runs. This is often with data provided directly from our members.

One of FCA’s goals in its strategic plan is “Fair Treatment”. The focus is on issues affecting low income and vulnerable consumers. Topic areas include:

  • Bank hardship responses – particuarly finding a meaningful way to address long-term hardship
  • Basic bank accounts
  • Centrepay
  • Debt enforcement
  • Do Not Knock – see for more information
  • Income management
  • Cost of mobile phone calls to 1800/13 numbers
  • Newstart allowance – the current level traps people in poverty
  • Payday lending regulation
  • Utilities, energy and telcos – hardship policies
  • Mental health – to help our sector and stakeholders to more effectively assist clients with mental health issues