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27 January 2015

eLearning for Financial Counsellors

Source: FOS Website

Available online from Financial Counsellors Ombudsman two eLearning modules. Do them at your own pace in the privacy of your home (or workplace!).

The two modules currently available are:

Terms of reference – 3 online learning sessions that take you through some key aspects of the FOS’s Terms of Reference and Operational guidelines that apply to their dispute resolution process

Systemic Issues.- a module that helps you become familiar with the approach of FOS to the management of Systemic Issues – something they are required by ASIC to have in place.

Visit their website and click on the link to eLearning


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27 January 2015

FOS Update

Source: SA Financial Counsellor's E_Bulletin 20th Jan 2015

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26 June 2014

Economic Evidence About the Benefits of Financial Counselling – $5 return for each $1 invested

A cost-benefit analysis of financial counselling services funded by the Wyatt Trust in South Australia.

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