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10 August 2016

FOS welcomes formal terms of reference into Australia’s financial system external dispute resolution

The Financial Ombudsman Service Australia (FOS) has welcomed the release of Terms of Reference (the terms) for the review of the dispute resolution (EDR) and complaint framework for the financial system.

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8 July 2016

SACOSS welcomes Budget’s focus on jobs but says it misses on support for vulnerable South Aussies

SACOSS has welcomed the State Budget centrepiece initiatives on infrastructure and job creation, but is disappointed at the lack of measures specifically addressing the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians

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24 June 2016

State Govt’s New $9 Million Gambling Tax

The State Government will raise more than $9 million a year with the imposition of a new gambling tax, Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has revealed.

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22 June 2016

Ralph Kelly sees hope for crime victims facing financial hardship

Ralph and Kathy Kelly have sat down with many victims of violent crime, listening, since their own painful loss of teenage son Thomas in a Kings Cross attack four years ago

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22 June 2016

ACCC takes action against debt collection firm ACM Group Ltd

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against debt collection firm ACM Group Ltd (ACM). ACM purchases debts from companies, including telecommunications companies, utility companies and banks, and then attempts to recover all or part of the debt.

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16 June 2016

Losing the Jackpot: $111m blow to state budget from declining gambling revenue

A new report released today by the South Australian Council of Social Services highlights growing pressures on the state budget from declining gambling tax revenues – but it is not necessarily good news for gamblers or the community.

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4 May 2016

Financial Counsellors Welcome Continued Funding for Problem Gambling

3rd May 2016 – Financial counsellors welcome with relief the May budget announcement that $7.1 million in funding for 50 problem gambling positions will be continued.

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26 April 2016

FC Help for Problem Gamblers Needs to Continue

A report released today by FCA, “Problem Gambling Financial Counselling: Survey and Case Studies” shows the devastating impact of problem gambling on individuals and families. The report also highlights the important role of financial counselling in helping people get back on track financially and emotionally.

Gambling is ruining people’s lives – people are unable to pay bills and debts

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21 April 2016

Australian Bankers Association Media Release

Sydney, 21 April 2016: Australia’s banks will today begin to implement comprehensive new measures to protect consumer interests, increase transparency and accountability and build trust and confidence in banks.

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15 April 2016

No backing for poker machine reform

The Turnbull government won’t be making any major reform to the poker machine industry, parliament has heard.

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