8 January 2020

Details of Organisations providing financial assistance to customers affected by the bushfires January 23, 2020

Source: SAFCA

Please note: This information is public but has been compiled to assist financial counsellors and financial capability workers in their work with bushfire affected clients. This list will be added to as more information becomes available.


In this version you will find information from:

Banks: ANZ, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Beyond Bank , Bendigo Bank and Westpac

Telcos: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

Energy: AGL, Simply Energy, Energy Australia, Origin

SA Water

Government: Centrelink, ATO, State Government grants, Fines, Motor vehicle registration

NILS and StepUp Loans

Latitude Finance



If you have sourced information from any other organisation that other Financial Counsellors would like to know, please email us at wendy@safca.org.au