8 May 2018

Bank SA & StGeorge clients/customers can make a “Gambling Preference Request”

Source: Sent in by RASA's Susan Merritt

Hello SAFCA Members,

Francie came across a very interesting new policy from St George and Bank SA Bank, effective from 30th May 2018.

From what I understand, Bank clients/customers can make a “Gambling Preference Request” for their Credit Card which leads to declined transactions from any merchant identified under a ‘gambling’, ‘betting’ or ‘casino’ category. Apparently, this will apply to online agencies as well as in venue transactions (whether from EFTPOS machine or ATM), as long as the above condition applies.

Clients/customers can apparently make this adjustment to their credit card online, via phone or at a branch.

Hope that’s helpful info! :)

Cheers, Susan